Top Plugins We Recommend for WordPress

There many businesses and individuals who ask us what the best plug-ins for WordPress are. We have quite a few suggestions today that we think everyone who is starting a new WordPress blog, or has been in the game for a while should take a good look at.

The first plug-in that we recommend taking a look at it is called Optinmonster. This plug-in is incredibly good for maximizing conversions and helping to build subscribers. This allows you to market to people even after they’ve browsed and left your website.

The main thing that Optinmonster does is help gather emails from your website visitors and turn them into email subscribers.

The next plug-in that we recommend is constant contact. Every WordPress site should have a great contact form which makes it easy for people to get a hold of you. There are so many contact forms on the internet that are not very user-unfriendly, and have horrible looking UI’s.

Another great thing about this plug-in is that it helps you to build a bigger email contact subscriber list.

When you combine this with optinmonster, you can have some great conversion rates and see a lot of success from the emails that you have gathered from your website visitors.

The third plugin we recommend is called back up buddy. This plug-in is incredibly important to any website. Backup buddy is a reliable and easy to use backup system for your WordPress blog or site. It’s incredibly important to have a good backup because you never know what will happen. In addition to running into website errors, there are so many times where your website could easily be hacked and all of your content could be lost. With back up buddy it’s easy to restore to a save you made just a few days ago and minimize your losses and get right back on track.

The next plugin we recommend is yoast SEO. Yoast SEO makes it incredibly easy to set up your search engine optimization for your website. To top it all off, all the features you need are free. This is important for people trying to get their website ranked in Google, as it will save you a lot of time and help you to avoid making costly mistakes.

In addition to yoast SEO we recommend getting W3 Total Cache. This plug-in is incredibly efficient at helping to optimize and speed up your website. One of the most overlooked ranking factors in Google is website loading speed. If you have a slow website you’re just not going to rank no matter how hard you try, even if you’re building a ton of great links. By getting this plugin you can ensure that you don’t make an easy to fix mistake that could possibly hurt your SEO.

The last plug-in that we recommend is called buffer.

This plug-in helps link your WordPress with your social media. Often times when you run a big website or blog it requires you to make multiple social media posts every day. Buffer enables you to schedule out your posts for the entire week or day, helping you to be able to get all of your posting done at once and ensuring you don’t have to post every couple hours throughout the day. This helps to keep your social media presence going even while you’re not at the computer.

These are the top plugins that we recommend for everybody who owns a WordPress blog or website.

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