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0.6.0 Release


The main feature of this release is support for JUnit 4. Markus Wiederkehr has joined pluginbuilder as developer
and completely overhauled the Autotestsuite. The new features of Autotestsuite are:

  • JUnit 4
  • run tests headless or start arbitrary applications (instead of the workbench)
  • Launch configuration

This release still targets Eclipse 3.3. Check the Release Notes if you want to run on 3.4.

Download and Installation

Sunday 18. of March 2007 Building RCP Apps

The nightly from the pluginbuilder3_3 stream now supports building RCP applications. There are two applications on pluginbuilder.org: The Mailtemplate example (which comes with Eclipse) and the newsreader RSSOwl.



Friday 02. of March 2007 Eclipse 3.3M5 support

There is a new pluginbuilder development branch for Eclipse 3.3. It has been tested with M5. The nightly build update site can be found at pluginbuilder3_3.pluginbuilder.org/HEAD/updateSite.

Monday 19. of February 2007 0.2.0 Released

Plug-in Builder now features automated JUnit test execution. Check Documentation ->Run Tests for details.

Saturday 03. of February 2007 0.1.0 Released

Pluginbuilder is now a sourceforge project. The sources are available there and  release 0.1.0 is published.

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