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0.5.0 EclipseCon Release


The 0.5.0 release is tagged as EclipseCon release since some of the new features and bug fixes were triggered from Ben Pasero who will give a pluginbuilder tutorial at EclipseCon.

Test Coverage has been provided by Mirko Stocker. He integrated Emma for his builds and passed on his changes to pluginbuilder. I would appreciate more feedback of this kind. Just send a patch or become a pluginbuilder developer and check in your changes directly. The test coverage of pluginbuilder shows that I maybe should have integrated it earlier ;-). 

Other changes concern the RCP build configuration and test host preparation.

Sunday 18. of March 2007 Building RCP Apps

The nightly from the pluginbuilder3_3 stream now supports building RCP applications. There are two applications on pluginbuilder.org: The Mailtemplate example (which comes with Eclipse) and the newsreader RSSOwl.



Friday 02. of March 2007 Eclipse 3.3M5 support

There is a new pluginbuilder development branch for Eclipse 3.3. It has been tested with M5. The nightly build update site can be found at pluginbuilder3_3.pluginbuilder.org/HEAD/updateSite.

Monday 19. of February 2007 0.2.0 Released

Plug-in Builder now features automated JUnit test execution. Check Documentation ->Run Tests for details.

Saturday 03. of February 2007 0.1.0 Released

Pluginbuilder is now a sourceforge project. The sources are available there and  release 0.1.0 is published.

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