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Thursday 23. of July 2009 Released 0.7.0

This release is a cut to switch to Eclipse 3.5 as development target.Pluginbuilder 0.7.0 can be installed with Eclipse 3.4 and Eclipse 3.5.New Features:

Improved Autotestsuite launch configuration (from Andrew Shewring) Includes...

Monday 12. of May 2008 0.6.0 Release

The main feature of this release is support for JUnit 4. Markus Wiederkehr has joined pluginbuilder as developerand completely overhauled the Autotestsuite. The new features of Autotestsuite are:

JUnit 4 run tests headless or...

Sunday 17. of February 2008 0.5.0 EclipseCon Release

The 0.5.0 release is tagged as EclipseCon release since some of the new features and bug fixes were triggered from Ben Pasero who will give a pluginbuilder tutorial at EclipseCon.

Test Coverage has been provided by Mirko...

Wednesday 24. of October 2007 0.4.0 Release and Tutorial

The 0.4.0 Release of Pluginbuilder has improved support for RCP builds. Furthermore it is now possible to edit build properties conveniently in the pluginbuilder editor. Have a look at the new Tutorial Movie which explains how to...

Sunday 10. of June 2007 0.3.0 Released

The pluginbuilder 0.3.0 release supports Eclipse 3.2 and Eclipse 3.3 (tested with RC3). Please mind the different download locations and update sites.

New features include

SCM information can be retrieved from CVS, subversion...

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