Which projects are hosted on pluginbuilder?

The following projects are hosted on pluginbuilder:

Can I build my plug-in on the pluginbuilder server?

Yes. If you run an Open Source project email to markus at pluginbuilder.org and  ask for an account.

What version control systems are supported?

CVS and Subversion. Please note that the PDE build does not leverage the Eclipse built-in version control but needs an external command to be available on the command path.

Can I run a pluginbuilder configuration with cruise control?

Yes, the main build file contains a target named main-cc which can be called from cruisecontrol. It expects a property label which contains the full version in the format major.minor.service.qualifier. So, you need to define your own LabelIncrementer, an example is the EclipseLabelIncrementer.

What about building an update-site?

You can build an update site if you add a postBuild.xml build script to the build-files folder. The postBuild.xml from pluginbuilder can be used as template. Just change the text for the update site. It is intended for a nightly build update site where only the latest build will be available. So, there is no automatic merging of new builds into site.xml.

Please also note that there were problems with the way how the update site is built, see the pending bug report.


How do I run pluginbuilder with IBM RSM?

Matthew Tate struggled with a pluginbuilder and RSM setup. He hopes that this helps someone else out in the future:

Copy all of the plugins under IBM\SDPShared\plugins into
IBM\SDP\plugins.  When setting up your plugin builder file - under the local
tab - the eclipse directory value should read 'C:/Program Files/IBM/SDP/'

This is because RSM has two locations that it stores plugins in (SDP and SDPShared) which, when running the application, it seems to consolidate at runtime.  However, for the build you have to consolidate them manually.

Is there an example somewhere?

Pluginbuilder demonstrates how to build and test an RCP application using the Mail template application provided with Eclipse.