Eclipse comes with the RCP Mail template example which demonstrates how to develop an RCP application. Pluginbuilder also uses this example to show how to set up a build with pluginbuilder, check the results at The build results include executables for several platforms, test and coverage results.

Eclipse 3.5 and Pluginbuilder 0.8.0.x

Now all the projects should be building in your workspace. There are two ways to run a headless build. Either you modify the local properties of the existing Pluginbuilder project or you create a new Pluginbuilder project.

Modify local properties

Create a new Pluginbuilder project

Run the tests:

Build RCP application:

The tutorial also describes how to set up the workspace but it is still targeting Eclipse 3.3.

Earlier Eclipse/pluginbuilder versions

There is a branch available for Eclipse 3.3/Pluginbuilder 0.6.0 installations at