Best Affiliate Marketing Plugin for WordPress

Today we’re excited to talk about a new plug-in that we are having a ton success with. This plug-in is called pretty link pro. Instead of just being another run-of-the-mill link cloaker, this plug-in does so much more than you could ever expect. There are so many neat features that we are excited to tell you about, and we think that you will fall in love with it just like we have.

Since we’ve been using this plug-in able to up our conversion rate has gone up by almost 5%. If you’re into affiliate marketing or any type of marketing in general, then you realize that 5% is a TON of conversion percentage for just one plugin to effect.

One of the great things about pretty link pro that’s how easy it is to set up. When you have a ton of links that you need to manage it can get challenging to keep track of what’s what and which links need to be updated. Luckily pretty link Pro helps you to manage your social links, affiliate links, and even redirects all in one spot.

This plugin also gives you the ability to have absolute control over the way that your links function and look. You’re also able to track clicks, user engagement, and a whole host of other data in real time through the easy-to-use control panel.

The plugin also makes it very easy to do temporary 302 or 307 redirects, or permanent 301 redirects in the blink of an eye.

One of the coolest features that we found is something that they call “pretty bar”. Pretty bar allows you to add a skin to the top of anyone’s web browser who clicks on one of your external links. This means that even while they’re browsing Amazon or some other type of affiliate site your brand name is at the top of their web browser the whole time.

This is incredible because it adds a whole new level of sophistication and user impact to your linking structure.

The last thing that we love about this plugin is the automation features that they offer. If you have been doing marketing for a while, then you probably know how time-consuming can this field can get. The best part about pretty link Pro that’s how easy it is to automate the linking process. It even has features which can replace keywords with links automatically for you, saving you a ton of time.

We definitely recommend this plugin as it has boosted our conversion rates, saved us time, and helped us to increase our profits very quickly.

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